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What's the best way for schools to engage parents in SMSC?

Schools can engage parents in Social, Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural (SMSC) provision by creating opportunities for communication and collaboration between the school and home.

Here are five ways that schools can engage parents in SMSC provision:

  1. Regular communication: Schools can keep parents informed about SMSC provision through regular newsletters, parent-teacher meetings, and workshops. This helps to create an open dialogue between the school and home and ensures that parents are aware of the school's SMSC goals and objectives.

  2. Parent workshops: Schools can organise workshops for parents to educate them about SMSC values and how they can support their children's personal development at home.

  3. Involvement in school events: Schools can invite parents to participate in school events and activities that promote SMSC values, such as cultural celebrations, charity events, and community service projects.

  4. Homework assignments: Schools can incorporate SMSC themes into homework assignments, which allows parents to engage with their children's personal development and promotes communication and collaboration between the school and home.

  5. Online resources: Schools can provide online resources for parents, such as educational videos, podcasts, and articles, that promote SMSC values and support parents' understanding of their role in their children's personal development.

It is essential for schools to promote a culture of personal development by involving parents in SMSC. By creating opportunities for communication, collaboration, and education, schools can support parents in their role as partners in their children's personal development.



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