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The simplest way to capture, analyse and share evidence of SMSC and British values...


Add evidence of SMSC in less than 60 seconds.


Analyse whole-school SMSC at the click of a button.


Easily share evidence of SMSC with others (OFSTED)

Watch the Video.

Capture evidence of SMSC in 60 seconds.

Watch us add an SMSC activity to the grid - then try it for yourself and experience all the features

Incredibly Simple.

A simple web-form is used to quickly record brief details about a lesson or activity and map it to relevant SMSC criteria.


Highly Visual.

Activities are mapped in a visual and interactive grid  which can be easily analysed and shared with others. 


Extremely Powerful.

It takes just a couple of clicks to look closer at your SMSC coverage, create beautiful charts and detailed printable reports.


The grid can be 'filtered' to display SMSC in specific year groups or curriculum subjects etc.


The grid creates dynamic bar charts showing where specific SMSC values are delivered.


The grid automatically creates PDF reports which can be printed and shared with others.

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