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Thursday 5th May at 3:45pm

How to create a "Personal Development" self-review and action plan using the latest Ofsted framework.

Free for schools using GridMaker and includes access to the interactive tool at no additional cost.

Increases confidence in preparation for questions from school or trust leaders and Ofsted inspectors.

Extends your use of GridMaker to include self-evaluation, analysis and improvement planning.

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What's covered in this engaging workshop?

Making accurate self-evaluation judgements about provision for pupils' personal development using the latest Ofsted inspection criteria.

Selecting the best qualitative and quantitative evidence to validate self-evaluations and saving valuable time by identifying existing evidence.

Diagnosing the helping or hindering factors that affect provision, then prioritising those that are making the biggest impact.

Creating straightforward strategic plans that contain actions to strengthen the helping factors and remove or weaken those that are hindering.

Collaborating online with colleagues to exchange ideas, share best practice and learn from each others experiences.

Producing clear and concise reports to share with colleagues, school leaders, governors and inspectors.


During the webinar you'll learn how to use your free copy of iAbacus - the interactive tool for evaluating and improving provision. See a selection of screenshots below.

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