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Improving "Personal Development" Provision in a Multi-Academy Trust

Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) play a crucial role in improving personal development provision in their schools. Here are some steps that MATs can take to achieve this:

Developing a clear vision: MATs should develop a clear vision for personal development that is aligned with the needs of their pupils and in line with best practice. This should be communicated to all schools within the trust, ensuring a consistent approach to personal development across the trust.

Providing professional development: MATs can provide professional development opportunities for teachers and other staff to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to support personal development effectively. This might include training on specific aspects of personal development, such as emotional well-being, or on strategies for promoting personal growth and resilience.

Building partnerships: MATs can build partnerships with local organisations, such as mental health services and community groups, to support personal development provision in their schools. This can provide pupils with access to additional resources and support to help them thrive.

Promoting a positive school culture: MATs can work to create a positive school culture that supports personal development and well-being. This might include initiatives to promote positive relationships, such as peer mentoring, and to support positive attitudes and behaviours, such as anti-bullying campaigns.

Encouraging collaboration: MATs can encourage collaboration between schools within the trust to share best practice and to support each other in their efforts to improve personal development provision. This can help to ensure that all schools are working to provide high-quality personal development support to their pupils.

Measuring impact: MATs should regularly measure the impact of personal development provision, using data such as attendance, academic performance, and pupil well-being, to assess its effectiveness. This information can be used to refine and improve personal development provision across the trust.

In conclusion, improving personal development provision in a Multi Academy Trust requires a comprehensive and proactive approach, involving professional development, building partnerships, promoting a positive school culture, encouraging collaboration, and measuring impact. By taking these steps, MATs can support their schools in providing high-quality personal development support to their pupils, helping them to thrive and succeed.



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