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What OFSTED Expects in the New Personal Development Section of Inspections

The education inspection framework of OFSTED is constantly evolving, and the recent addition of a personal development section has raised questions about what OFSTED is looking for in this area. Personal development refers to the skills, knowledge, and experiences that a student acquires through their education and contributes to their future success and well-being.

OFSTED is now focusing on schools' efforts to foster personal development in students through a range of activities and experiences. This includes but is not limited to extra-curricular activities, personal and social education, and career guidance. In this section of inspections, OFSTED will examine the following:

A school’s curriculum - OFSTED will assess whether the curriculum offered by a school provides students with a well-rounded education and supports their personal development.

Student voice - OFSTED will listen to the views of students to gain insight into their experiences of personal development at the school.

Staff development - OFSTED will assess the training and support offered to staff in relation to personal development. This includes regular training, coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Provision of support services - OFSTED will look into the availability of services that help students with their personal development, such as career guidance, pastoral support, and mental health services.

Monitoring and evaluation - OFSTED will examine how schools monitor and evaluate the impact of their personal development provision, and how they use this information to make improvements.

Partnership with external providers - OFSTED will evaluate the partnerships that schools have established with external providers to support personal development, such as community organisations and local businesses.

In conclusion, OFSTED's new focus on personal development is a positive step towards ensuring that schools are providing students with the skills, knowledge and experiences that are vital for their future success and well-being. Schools should strive to provide a well-rounded curriculum, offer a range of opportunities for personal development, and provide students with access to support services and career guidance. By doing so, schools can demonstrate that they are committed to fostering personal development in their students.



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