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How an SMSC Coordinator can prepare for an Ofsted inspection

An SMSC coordinator has a crucial role in ensuring that their school has a strong focus on pupils' personal, moral, social and cultural development. This development is not only valued by Ofsted, but also helps pupils to become well-rounded and responsible citizens. Preparation for an Ofsted inspection is crucial for an SMSC coordinator to ensure that the school demonstrates a commitment to SMSC and demonstrates how it is integrated into the daily life of the school.

Here are some steps an SMSC coordinator can take to prepare for an Ofsted inspection:

Review the Ofsted inspection framework: Understanding the criteria that Ofsted will use to judge the quality of SMSC provision is crucial. This can be found in the Ofsted inspection framework and the accompanying guidance documents.

Conduct a self-evaluation: Take time to reflect on the school's SMSC provision, including the range of activities and opportunities provided to pupils, the quality of these activities and opportunities, and the impact they are having on pupils' personal development. This self-evaluation should be based on evidence, such as feedback from pupils, parents, and staff.

Identify areas for improvement: Once you have completed your self-evaluation, identify areas that need improvement, and create an action plan to address these areas. This may involve additional training for staff, creating new opportunities for pupils, or revising policies and procedures.

Provide evidence of SMSC in action: Collect examples of SMSC in action in the school, including photographs, written case studies, and testimonials from pupils and staff. This evidence can be used to demonstrate the quality of the school's SMSC provision and the impact it is having on pupils.

Involve staff and pupils: Ensure that all staff are aware of the importance of SMSC and the role they play in promoting it. Encourage staff and pupils to contribute to the self-evaluation and provide evidence of SMSC in action.

Engage with the wider community: Demonstrate the school's commitment to SMSC by engaging with the wider community and involving them in school activities and events. This can include partnerships with local businesses, charities, and community groups.

By taking these steps, an SMSC coordinator can demonstrate that their school is committed to promoting SMSC and is taking an active and informed approach to ensuring that pupils are receiving the best possible education.



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