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"Bringing Art to Life: A Journey of Moral Exploration Through Banksy's Works"

Banksy's art is often considered a form of vandalism by some, while others view it as a form of political and social commentary. Engaging learners in a discussion of the moral issues surrounding Banksy's art can help them develop their SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural) values.

Here are some moral issues that might be debated in this discussion:

Property Rights: One of the main issues surrounding Banksy's art is the question of property rights. Some argue that Banksy's art is an infringement on the property rights of the owners of the buildings or walls where his art is displayed. Others argue that the art has value as a form of free expression, and that it has the potential to spark important conversations about social and political issues.

The Value of Art: Another issue to consider is the value of art, and what makes art "good" or "bad." Banksy's art often addresses social and political issues in a humorous or satirical way, which can be seen as disrespectful or inappropriate by some. Others view it as an important form of protest art that challenges the status quo and raises important questions.

The Role of Art in Society: This discussion can also explore the role of art in society, and whether it has a responsibility to promote positive values and ideals. Banksy's art often addresses controversial issues, such as war, poverty, and inequality, and it raises questions about the responsibility of artists and society to address these issues.

By engaging in this discussion, learners can develop their SMSC values by exploring their own beliefs and values, and by considering the perspectives of others. They can learn about the importance of free expression and the role of art in promoting positive change, and they can develop a sense of personal responsibility and ethical decision-making skills.



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