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Ten ways teachers can demonstrate their commitment to SMSC by leading by example

  1. Showcasing positive attitudes and behaviours: Teachers can demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours, such as being punctual, friendly, and respectful.

  2. Encouraging active listening and respectful communication: Teachers can promote active listening and respectful communication by engaging in two-way conversations with colleagues, avoiding negative language and conflicts.

  3. Modelling cultural sensitivity and inclusivity: Teachers can demonstrate cultural sensitivity and inclusivity by acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of their colleagues, and creating an inclusive working environment.

  4. Demonstrating empathy and understanding: Teachers can show empathy towards their colleagues, taking time to understand their perspectives and experiences, and offering support when needed.

  5. Encouraging self-reflection and personal growth: Teachers can model self-reflection and encourage their colleagues to reflect on their own experiences and learning, promoting personal growth and development.

  6. Promoting teamwork and collaboration: Teachers can model teamwork and collaboration by working with colleagues to achieve common goals and promoting positive relationships and interactions.

  7. Encouraging honesty and integrity: Teachers can promote honesty and integrity by demonstrating ethical behaviour and fair treatment of all colleagues.

  8. Encouraging resilience and perseverance: Teachers can model resilience and perseverance by embracing challenges and seeking feedback, promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  9. Fostering a growth mindset: Teachers can model a growth mindset by embracing challenges and seeking feedback, promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  10. Celebrating successes and promoting positivity: Teachers can lead by example by celebrating colleague successes and promoting a positive and supportive working environment.


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