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How GridMaker can be used to capture evidence of how a school meets the Gatsby Benchmarks

GridMaker is a digital tool that can be used to track and evidence a school's progress towards meeting the Gatsby benchmarks. By using GridMaker, schools can:

Document their careers education program: Schools can use GridMaker to outline their careers education program, including the activities and experiences they offer, and how they align with the Gatsby benchmarks.

Record encounters with employers: GridMaker can be used to document and evidence encounters with employers and employees, such as workplace visits, guest speakers, and mock interviews, which help to meet benchmark 5.

Track personal guidance: GridMaker can be used to track personal guidance sessions and one-to-one careers advice offered to pupils, which helps to meet benchmark 7.

Record experiences of workplaces: GridMaker can be used to record and evidence workplace experiences, such as work experience or shadowing, helping to meet benchmark 6.

Engage with parents/carers: GridMaker can be used to communicate and engage with parents/carers about careers education, helping to meet benchmark 8.

Overall, GridMaker provides a comprehensive and streamlined way for schools to capture evidence of their progress towards meeting the Gatsby benchmarks, helping them to ensure that they are providing a high-quality careers education to their students.



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