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SMSC GridMaker

Special School Edition

The Simplest and Most Effective Way to Capture and Share Evidence of SMSC in Your Special School

Enables staff to capture evidence in less than 60 seconds

Comes preloaded with criteria from the latest Ofsted framework

Includes SMSC, 'British values', PHSE, RSE - and your own criteria 

Helps identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in provision

Creates a visual map of provision across your entire school

Generates instant reports to share with others, e.g. Ofsted


GridMaker has become a valuable resource for us, even receiving commendation during 3 recent Ofsted inspections.  With two Outstanding outcomes and a new school receiving Good in their first inspection, it is clear see that Gridmaker is playing a part in out schools’ continued success.

Trusted by Hundreds of Special Schools

We're helping hundreds of special schools capture evidence of the work they're already doing.

Whether you want to audit school-wide provision or track personalised one-to-one delivery - GridMaker can be tailored to suit the needs of your school.

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Michael Webster
Regional Director

Witherslack Group Ltd

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"OFSTED inspectors liked the visual way of presenting SMSC and said as a result that our SMSC had moved from unsatisfactory to good."

"We use GridMaker to evidence everything we do as a residential school for our pupils, be it educationally or from a care and social aspect. It highlights areas we are covering really well and those we are covering less. It allows us to address and then monitor improvements."  

The Manor Academy

Wennington Hall special school

"SMSC development is better coordinated across the curriculum. An online audit of all the activities promoting development is enabling gaps to be filled and resources shared."

Extract from an OFSTED report

School Leaders


School leaders choose GridMaker because it builds a reliable bank of evidence to support self-evaluation and improvement planning.



Teachers prefer GridMaker because it enables them to capture evidence of SMSC and British values in less than 60 seconds!    

Parents & Carers


Parents and carers love GridMaker because it clearly shows the range of SMSC related activities available to their child.    



Ofsted appreciate GridMaker because it provides clear picture of how well a school is promoting SMSC development and British values.

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