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The quickest way to map your school's personal development provision in a beautiful online grid.


SMSC and British Values


Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing

Gatsby Benchmarks

and Careers

Any School or Trust Values

GridMaker and iAbacus Recorded Demonstration-low.gif
  • Includes SMSC, 'British values', PSHE, RSE, Wellbeing, Gatsby, etc

  • Shows strengths, weaknesses and gaps in provision

  • Creates a visual map of your "broad and balanced" curriculum

  • Evidence to support deep dives, self-evaluation and improvement plans

GridMaker now contains criteria from the new Ofsted framework, plus it's perfect for capturing evidence for the new judgement on pupils' "Personal Development".

Updated with the NEW Ofsted Framework


Trusted by thousands of primary, secondary and special schools over the last 10 years

"OFSTED inspectors liked the visual way of presenting SMSC and said as a result that our SMSC had moved from unsatisfactory to good."

"The Grid was used in an interview with OFSTED. The inspector was very impressed by the clarity of our evidence and how SMSC was mapped across the curriculum. SMSC is now cited as a strength of the college."

The Manor Academy

Medina College

"SMSC development is better coordinated across the curriculum. An on-line audit of all the activities promoting development is enabling gaps to be filled and resources shared."

Extract from an OFSTED report

School Leaders


School leaders value the Grid because it builds a repository of evidence which they can analyse and share with others.   



Teachers prefer the Grid because they capture evidence of pupils' personal development in less than 60 seconds!    

Parents & Carers


Parents and carers love the Grid because it shows the range of development activities available to their child.    



Ofsted like the Grid because it provides clear evidence of how well a school is promoting pupils' personal development.

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