Focus on World of Words

Happy New Year!
The last time I tackled English I focused on the written word - but where do our words come from? This month's selection has been fascinating to compile and I hope it will be of interest

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Word Origins


This article is really informative.  It explains not only the meaning but the origin - quite an eye opener.

Not just the Normans


This Open University ‘Open Lab’ animation explaining where our words come from is really good although you might have to view Chapter 5, before showing it to younger pupils (4:28).

Writing with Style


I don’t know about you but I don’t write enough nowadays and in this digital age, our children will probably get to that stage a lot quicker than we have done.

I fell in love with calligraphy a long time ago and it definitely neatened up my handwriting - here’s a great video which just teaches the basics.

Self-Evaluation Innovation


Take a look at this article, written by John Pearce about his take on the new Ofsted Inspection Framework and explore the website while you're there - it has everything you need to know about iAbacus but if you'd like a one to one webinar, click here

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How about the 10 longest words in the English language?  I love this as there are little videos to help with pronunciation. Also, the definition of one of these words is the fear of long words! 

What do they mean?


There are some real differences in words we use to the American equivalent - here are some examples.

English vs American English

New Words


There are new words appearing every week and some of them end up in the Oxford English Dictionary here are some from the last ten years.

Word Games


I am addicted to a couple of word games on my phone so I was pleased to come across a couple of resources whilst compiling the newsletter.

Word Tiles

Word Apps for Kids

Perfect for Primary Schools


Saw this on a Tweet - it's produced for primary school teachers and is a partnership between Tigtag and Imperial College London.

and finally......


Your pupils might not have seen 'Fork Handles' as it was first aired in 1976. It was and still is the greatest Two Ronnies sketch and well worth a watch. 


If you like that, take a look at Ronnie Barker, Chairman of the Society of Mispronunciation - you have to have an amazing command of the language to mess it up like that!