Focus on Kindness

As I write the last newsletter of 2019 I’ve managed to go the whole year without mentioning the ’B’ word, however, as the next few weeks will be dominated by a General Election, I thought we’d take a break from subjects. Kindness shouldn’t be reserved for the festive season - goodwill to all seems to be severely lacking in the World today so I’ve gathered together some examples and resources to help spread the word.

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Floods of Kindness

An example of people rallying to help each other in difficult times.  The recent floods have devastated Fishlake near Doncaster and yet there’s a real community spirit here.

Helping each other

One Small Act


As a frequent visitor to Disneyland Paris I have the greatest respect for the people who work there, especially those who have to put costumes on.  Here’s someone who’s kindness shows through the costume, spending time with a beautiful child with special needs.

What Do I Say?


Grief Awareness Week 2nd - 8th December

Having a friend or relative who is grieving can be a minefield. For some, it's easier to stay clear of a grieving friend simply because they don't know what to say.


Self-Evaluation Innovation

Take a look at this article, written by John Pearce about his take on the new Ofsted Inspection Framework and explore the website while you're there - it has everything you need to know about iAbacus but if you'd like a one to one webinar, click here

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Good Deeds


30 Random Acts of Kindness for Primary School Children

I can't believe I found this little gem. This is a great poster for primary schools.

Growing Kind


These trees are sprouting in schools across the Country - this is a wonderful idea to promote kindness in the young.

World Wide Web Kind


Who knew there was a kindness website? Well there is and it has resources for primary and secondary schools.

Funny Good Deed


Good deeds and kindness have a pay off for the person who needs help but also for the person helping - feeling good because we've helped someone is our reward.


and finally......

If this rings true with you then I wish you as peaceful a December as possible and a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the break.