Focus on Geography


It's a Small World 

When I took Geography (let's just say it was before mobile phones were invented) we looked at maps on the wall and studied the World in books. 
Nowadays, the internet makes it possible to look at the World in so much more detail. Dive in to what I hope is a topical and relevant newsletter.

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Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanoes have helped to form landscape and landmass, however, it's quite shocking just how many are still live and even more shocking, erupting now!


The only time we know about volcanic eruptions is when spectacular footage of spewing lava appears on the news. The Smithsonian Institute has a programme of current eruptions - it's surprising just how many there are.


Volcanic lava and pyroclastic cloud and ash can be devastating to the surrounding area and beyond.  This animation shows the five worst volcanic eruptions in history.


The United Kingdom has extinct (thank goodness) volcanoes. They now form part of some of the most beautiful landscapes we have.

Too Hot


Global warming is a hot (sorry) topic at the moment.  There are places in the World that are already too warm.

Too Cold


If you're visiting any of these places, you'll need more than just a coat to keep you warm - the temperatures are unimaginable.

United Kingdom Extreme Temperatures


29th July 2019 - Hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK was in Cambridge Botanic Gardens at 38.7C


10th January 1982 - Coldest temperature ever recorded was in Braemar, Scotland at -27.2C

Self-Evaluation Innovation


Take a look at this article, written by John Pearce about his take on preparing Middle Leaders to speak confidently about curriculum intent and implementation during an Ofsted inspection.

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Australian Bush Fires


Australia has been on fire during the summer months with flames leaping across roads, high winds and no rain up until last week. This article answers some of the more pertinent questions regarding this crisis.

International Space Station


The ISS has a website which updates every 10 minutes and allows us to see the World from the astronauts viewpoint - the images are incredible.

Storms and Fires


The images from this website are also updated every 10 minutes and show storms and fires across the World in a 'flat earth' version enabling the viewer to see the whole picture.


Travel the World 

I know it's not always possible to use Google in schools but Google Earth has some really great new features which might be worth exploring, like looking at the Eiffel Tower in 3D.

People of the Amazon Rain Forest


The slow but sure disappearance of the Amazon Rain Forest doesn't just affect the animals - tribes of indigenous people have lived there for thousands of years.

and finally......


If you’re already a Friends fan then you’ll know that Joey isn't the most academic among them, especially when it comes to geography.