Focus on Careers and Enterprise

Some children know what they want to be when they grow up and others learn along the way. The opportunities given to them every day to find their path may be subtle or glaringly obvious but we are all mentors to them in some way.

Did you know GridMaker now contains criteria from the new Ofsted framework?


Plus, it's perfect for capturing evidence for the new judgement on pupils' "Personal Development".

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I'd love to show you exactly how SMSC GridMaker can help to gather evidence of SMSC, British Values and Personal Development across your curriculum.

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Make 5 Grow

This is a great free scheme by Virgin Money for children aged 9 - 11 years.

Over 900 primary schools have signed up for this scheme now in it's eighth year


Healthy Treats

Why make cakes to sell at the school Fayre when you can make dog treats - people can never resist buying something for their beloved pet.

Conversion Chart



New workshops will be available from September 2019 to support schools and colleges teaching young people about living independently.

Life Skills


I love it when companies step up and provide free resources.

Barclays Life Skills have hubs on their website for Young People, Educators and Parents, it really is an all round source of information.


Young Enterprise

Another great resource is the teacher hub of the Young Enterprise website.


Self-Evaluation Innovation

The Ofsted self-evaluation form is long gone - creating one isn't easy.  However, iAbacus has the Ofsted framework (based on the new 2019 EIF) pre-loaded into a simple four step process making it easy to create a whole school, departmental and individual self evaluation and action planning - Take iAbacus on a 30 day free trial


Secret Teacher

This kind of reality TV highlights the need for businesses to get more involved with schools, not just for an individual child though - mentoring can be done on a grander scale.


Everyone can be an Entrepreneur

An article published by FE News highlights the importance of more diverse female role models to boost entrepreneurship

Mentorship changes lives


and finally ......

Three years ago the inventor Dominic Wilcox asked children in Sunderland and Tyne and Wear to submit their inventions for manufacture - here are some of the results of the INVENTORS project which just shows what a little encouragement will do.