Awe & Wonder

There's a touch of awe and wonder in this month's newsletter, the kindness of a volunteer, the beauty of a butterfly and the strength of women choosing a career in engineering - amazing!

This month our Newsletter Grid has changed. It's set up for SMSC, British Values and now has example Grids to provide evidence of RSE and  Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing (primary schools grids will differ). Your feedback is always welcome - click here to let me know what you think.

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Helping Hand


Volunteers Week is right at the beginning of June and it's a chance to say thank you to those wonderful people who volunteer their time to help others.


It's also a good time to investigate volunteering opportunities.

Flutter by Butterfly


The 1st June 2019 is Butterfly Education and Awareness Day.  Butterfly numbers have seen a steady decrease in the past number of years which is worrying as they are an important part of our ecosystem.


There are some wonderful butterfly farms and houses dotted around the UK to visit which show their full life cycle - here are a few.


Forest Hill, London

One Step Closer


By the time World Environment Day rolls around on 5th June the UK will have been producing coal-free electricity for over a month for the first time since the industrial revolution. That's a mind-blowing statistic and takes the UK closer to zero carbon emissions from our electricity system.

Quality Air


The wonders of modern technology can now reveal real-time air quality worldwide!


Quite an eye opener.

Self-Evaluation Innovation


iAbacus has been updated to accommodate the new Ofsted Framework 2019.

Complete with the new Personal Development heading, iAbacus can help to streamline whole school, departmental or personal performance evaluations.


Click here for a Free trial.

Plastic Eating Fish


World Oceans Day - 8th June and the battle to keep plastic out of the ocean in Indonesia seems to be onto a winning streak with Goby the fish - I wonder when he'll be making an appearance on British shores.

Breaking it down


It seems that some of the bigger companies in the UK and abroad are starting to take some responsibility when it comes to biodegradable products and Holland & Barratt who led the way by banning plastics in 2009 have another initiative by banning wet wipes from their stores.

International Women in Engineering Day - 23rd June


I found the research on this fascinating, especially when I discovered that film star Hedy Lamarr invented remote controlled communications system for the U.S military during World War II. Take a look.


Women who have chosen a career in engineering, past and present are inspiring.

and finally.......


The Marvel Group, over the last ten years have produced one of the biggest fictional sources of SMSC ever brought to the silver screen. 


The cast of characters may have been superheros, however, they still had spiritual and moral dilemmas to deal with, struggles with diversity and a huge social divide to deal with.

This amazing saga also gives us some great lessons to live by.